Christ Lutheran Church

Christ Lutheran Church, New Castle, PA

Rev. Sean G. Walters

Hello!  I am Pastor Walters, the pastor of Christ Lutheran Church and I would like to welcome you to our Church.  

With the help of the Holy Spirit, I want to serve and be a Shepherd; to bring the Light to the lost and to share the Good News with everyone. I want to reach out to this community and be involved.  I want to baptize and teach God’s children and to confirm them in the faith.  I  want to rejoice with them in the good times. Praise God with them when they have blessings. To share with them all the goodness of our Heavenly Father. I want to also be there for them when they face hardships and dark valleys. Pray over them and sit with them through their times of grief; to cry tears of sorrow with them as they face the troubles of this fallen world and to remind them of God's faithfulness and goodness even in difficult times. I want to be a Servant bringing the Good News, with the help of the Holy Spirit to the people of Christ Lutheran Church and this community.  Angela and I are looking forward to meeting everyone and worshiping the Triune God together as we and the members grow stronger in our faith by 1.)Worshiping regularly 2.) studying God’s word weekly through indepth bible studies  3.) communing together and 4.) being in fellowship with one another.



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