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Christ Lutheran Church, New Castle, PA

We are a church in the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod (LCMS).  

THE MISSION of Christ Lutheran Church is to follow our Lord's final command and to make disciples of all people (Matthew 28:19).  By strengthening our faith through immersion in God's word and meaningful worship, we will have the boldness to tell unbelievers and the unchurched the GOOD NEWS about Jesus Christ (Acts 8:35).  All of our efforts will be directed to this goal and for the glory of the Truine God.

We will do everything in our power through the work of the Holy Spirit to make you feel welcome here at Christ Lutheran church..."where friends become family in Christ!"  We hope to get to know you as we together, grow closer to our Savior and Redeemer- Jesus Christ.

WORSHIP STYLE-   We worship our Lord and Savior in a traditional style; we are a liturgical church and use the new Lutheran Service Book.  We sing church hymns -old and new and some comtempary music. Our choir is very active in our worship.  

COMMUNION- We Celebrate the Lord's Supper every Sunday except for the last Sunday of the month and all who are members of this church or another Lutheran Church -Missouri Synod are invited and encouraged to partake of the Lord's Supper each time it is offered.  If you are a visitor or guest and have not been instructed in our communion practice and you would like to commune with us, we ask that you please speak with the Pastor before- so he can explain and instruct you in our communion practice. We feel that it is very important to commune as a unified group sharing in one belief.  We come to the Lord's table as a family-  brothers and sisters in Christ-  We believe that Scripture teaches that the Lord's Supper is a means of grace, a precious gift of God in which Christ gives us His true body and blood (in a miraculous way), together with the bread and wine, for the forgiveness of our sins and the strengthening of our faith. Because the Bible teaches that this sacrament may also be spiritually harmful if misused, and that participation in the Lord's Supper is an act of confession of faith, Pastor Walters will ordinarily commune only those who have been instructed in the teachings of our church and who have confessed their faith in these teachings. Please call Pastor with any questions, he would love to hear from you.

Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Beliefs

What is the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod?

The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (LCMS) is an international collection of Lutheran Christians numbering a little over 2.6 million. In 1997 the LCMS celebrated its 150th anniversary. The Missouri Synod got its name from a much longer title when the synod was formed over 150 years ago. At the time, the Missouri Synod encompassed a number of Midwestern states, and was called The Lutheran Church of Missouri, Ohio and Other States.



One of the strengths of the LCMS is its willingness to take a stand for what it believes. As Lutherans, we believe that the Bible is the infallible Word of God, and we are committed to the Lutheran interpretation of Scripture as stated in the Book of Concord, the collection of our confessions of faith. In a society that is increasingly pluralistic and hesitant to criticize just about anything, the LCMS is willing to say that, only what God says is right is truly right and that whatever God says is wrong is still wrong, even if we do live in the 21st century.



There are a little over 6,000 congregations in the 35 geographic districts of the LCMS (which generally follow state lines), and Christ Lutheran Church is a part of the Eastern district.  The LCMS has an extensive school system in which it is possible to attend from preschool through graduate school. There are 10 universities in the Concordia University System located throughout America. The LCMS is just one of many denominations that carries the name "Lutheran." There are about 58 million Lutherans worldwide, and we form the second largest denomination of Christians, after Roman Catholicism. Like any family, Lutherans don't always agree on every point, and that's why there are so many different Lutheran groups - over 100 at last count. The same is also true of other denominations. Many see this diversity as a sign of disunity among the Body of Christ while others see it as a system of checks and balances which helps to strengthen Christendom by guarding against false teaching.

The LCMS is committed to local autonomy. What that means is that each local congregation has its own unique personality. The doctrine - the church's teachings - in all of our congregations is the same: there is only one true God, and he is Triune (three persons in one God) - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; and there is only one way to heaven- through faith in Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for you. We hold to the ecumenical creeds of Christianity: the Apostles', the Nicene and Athanasian. We have and celebrate two sacraments: Baptism and Holy Communion. Within this similarity, however, there is room for diversity. The best way to get to know us is by making yourself at home among us. Every LCMS congregation would be delighted to have you visit them, and that is certainly true of Christ Lutheran Church, too.

 To learn more about what we believe, teach and confess log on to and look around.

Our History

Our congregation was formed in 1925 when a few families met in each others' homes.  As the congregation grew, they assembled in various churches until our current "home" was built and dedicated in 1936.  In 1964 an Education wing was constructed in the left side of the church.  It includes four class rooms, a library, a secretary's office, Pastor's office, nursery, and a multi-purpose room (ABCD room). ...more will follow- check this page again.



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